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Philly’s Street Artists Don’t Like President Trump. Sad!

February 14, 2017


“I’m not one to talk politics, but fuck this dude.”Kystnd, Philly street artist

It’s been less than a month since so-called President Trump took office, but Philly’s artists (like most of the rest of us) aren’t having it. Any of it. And many Philly street artists are beginning to step up to create what I guess you could call art of the resistance.

This includes several artists who don’t typically create political artwork, like Kystnd, Nero, and Tim Gibbon. As the quote from Kystnd above highlights, Trump and his alarming first few weeks in office appear to only be watering the seeds of dissent.

At this rate, I can only imagine that we’re all in for a good deal of political street art for at least the next four years. (God willing only four!)

Here’s more info on the artists who created the work in this post in descending order…

‘Putin’s Puppet’, by Nero
‘There’s Something Wrong with Him’, Unknown
Untitled (Trump’s Head), by Kystnd
‘No Trump’, Unknown
Untitled (‘Resist’ and ‘Sanctuary for All’ Doilies), by Tim Gibbon
‘God Save America’, by Yomi
‘No Trump’, Unknown
‘Fuck Trump’, Unknown


All of this, of course, is in addition to the anti-Trump street art that’s been popping up for at least the last year, and which began to increase in volume nearly right after the election.

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