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Nero One Installs Around Philly!

September 2, 2016


If you’ve taken a walk in Philadelphia the last eight months or so, chances are you’ve run into one of Nero One‘s pieces. Starting as a sticker artist, Nero’s installations as of late have come in two equally brilliant and eye catching forms: the first, cursive letter text either stenciled onto a wall or stenciled onto large paper then wheatpasted; the second, hand-painted black house cats (now even sometimes dogs.)

His work with text on large wheatpasted paper started catching my eye earlier this year, and much like Amberella’s heart touching, text-based installations it has become very popular to photograph and post on social media. If you follow this blog, or my Instagram, you know I’m a huge fan of both these artists.

So needless to say, when Nero invited me out yesterday to follow him around as he installed new works – including his largest cat wheatpaste to-date – I was thrilled to say yes!

See more photos from the day below. And note: While in an effort to help preserve these pieces I don’t mention their locations, there are plenty enough clues in the photos for the knowing Philadelphian to figure out where they are, if you wish to find and photograph any piece yourself!

IMG_3531IMG_3557IMG_3549IMG_3562IMG_3649IMG_3636IMG_3679 IMG_3876IMG_3895 IMG_3750IMG_3745IMG_3728

See other Nero installations around Philly HERE!

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