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Alex Sayer’s ‘Greed and Money Will Kill Earth!’

June 10, 2017

As the editor of a street art photo-blog, I’ve been getting the same question a lot lately. From both friends as well as in interviews, many people have been curious if I’ve noticed an increase in political street art since the election of Trump. The short answer to that question is an unequivocal yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Alex Sayer is a great example of a Philly-based street artist who’s created a few different political pieces over the last few months. From her “spread love” and “stand together” stickers this past January to her series last march that confronted insulting, sexist labels for women.

Alex’s latest wheatpaste (photographed above), found on Bainbridge street between 5th and 6th streets in Queen Village, promotes sustainability, ironically (or perhaps perfectly) installed next to an oversized pile of garbage and tossed away furniture.

So again, YES. In my nearly seven years of running this blog, yes I’ve noticed an increase in politically and socially-minded street art over the last few months. And yes, I suspect it to only grow. Because, of course it would! When people don’t feel the government (the federal government in this case) is listening to them, they get louder. And it’s getting louder, y’all.

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