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Amberella “Can’t Even” with Donald J. Trump, Installs New Wheatpastes Around Philly

July 25, 2016

These separate pieces by ‪Joe Boruchow and ‪Amberella work PERFECTLY together…


In part to promote her being apart of Truth to Power, a three-day, counter-DNC pop-up art exhibition that’s taking place in Philly right now, and in part because she’s a boss who is ALWAYS putting work up, Amberella invited me yesterday to join her as she installed some new wheatpastes around Philadelphia!

In the first two photos above, Amberella comments on Joe Boruchow‘s lasted anti-Trump wheatpaste, titled ‘Nightmare’, with a trio of “I Can’t Even” pastes, something I think we’re all feeling right now. (See photos of Joe installing his latest, anti-Trump series HERE!)




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