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Exhibiting Philly Street Art Photos at PHL International Airport

February 27, 2018

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Philadelphia International Airport’s exhibition program, Art At The Airport, and I’m so pumped to announce today that my photos are apart of this year’s exhibition!

“Art At The Airport is a nationally-recognized, award-winning visual arts initiative. The purpose of the program is to provide visibility for Philadelphia’s unique cultural life and to enrich the experience of the traveling public. Since its inception in 1998, there have been more than 300 exhibits featuring work by artists and arts/cultural institutions from throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.” -Art At The Airport’s website

Of course, this exhibition (and my blog) wouldn’t be possible without the INCREDIBLE artists who create work for the streets of Philadelphia! Following are the artists and artworks that appear in my photos:

Shawn Theodore for Revolutionary Art, Binding Things, David Guinn and Drew Billiau, Bruno Guerreiro, Lily Yeh with The Village of Arts and Humanities and Jim (Big Man) Maxton, NDA, Butter And Salmon, Ryan Strand Greenberg, Septic, Michelle Angela Ortiz for Signs of Solidarity, Ephemeroh, LJanet, Jim Bachor with HAHAxParadigm, Rubicon1, Glossblack and Evan Lovett, Brad Carney, Aubrie Costello for Signs of Solidarity, Lauren West, Amberella, Glossblack for Signs of Solidarity, Evan Lovett with V.U.R.T., Kid Hazo, Reed, BlurJoe Boruchow for Revolutionary Art, YomiV.U.R.T., and Mural Arts Philadelphia!

Thanks so much to the airport for this opportunity! And, seriously, it is awesome that our airport does this. The walls that they’re showcasing local artists work on are walls that they could easily sell to advertisers and make a ton of money. I’m so proud of Philly that we have this program. If you’ve ever attended one of my street art walks or read my Purpose Statement you know how I feel about the butterfly effect and why I’m always in favor of less ads and more art in all our public spaces. (And yes, I would definitely argue that airports are public spaces.)

If you’re flying anytime in the next eight months, my photos will be up now through the end of October, which is slightly longer than the normal six-month showing just because it’s the anniversary year. You can see them at the end of Terminal D!

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