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Joe Boruchow Installs for #RevolutionaryArt at Spruce Street Harbor Park

May 24, 2017

Artwork by: Joe Boruchow
Title of Artwork: Transition 3
Location: Spruce Street Harbor Park

Artist Statement:
This is the last in a series of cutouts I made during the transition period between Trump’s election and his inauguration. It continues to disturb me to watch folks become inured to the constant barrage of outrages coming from the administration. It is a hypnotizing torrent and as we fall back into our daily routines we submit to it.

Work by Joe Boruchow is available for purchase here – support local artists, y’all!

Revolutionary: A Pop-Up Street Art Exhibition is a six-week exhibit of 13 contemporary Philly-based artists installed at 13 locations across Philadelphia’s Historic District. Exploring the spirit of revolution, the artists chosen for #RevolutionaryArt are looking at the world around us with a critical eye and creating works of art that challenge the political and social status quo. Commissioned by Visit Philly and curated by’s Conrad Benner, more on the exhibition – including a map of all the installations – can be found here!

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