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Philly Filmmaker Says Goodbye to a Northern Liberties Landmark

October 30, 2012

To help say goodbye to a staple of the Northern Liberties skyline for nearly 100 years now, before its upcoming demolition, Philly filmmaker, Daniel Davison, set out to leave a farewell message at the top of the old Ortlieb’s Brewhouse at 3rd and Poplar streets.

Check out the video below…

Daniel went into a little more detail about what this project meant to him on his blog:

The intent of this project was to express my feelings toward this building (and tree), as well as the feelings of the building itself (A 98 year old building, days before it will be torn down, to be replaced by a condominium development).

The building was constructed in 1914, as the Ortieb’s Brewhouse. Located at the corner of 3rd and Poplar, in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia… A corner which has been home to the production of beer since the 1840s.

I walk by the building every day, and have always loved it. It serves as a reminder of the blue collar roots of the neighborhood, and the brewing history that runs deep in Philadelphia. It’s an added bonus that a full grown tree is growing on the roof.

I was extremely saddened a few weeks ago when I noticed the signs posted on the buildings exterior walls, announcing that it would be demolished in the coming weeks. Saddened deeper when I found out that it would be replaced by a condominium development.

I know many in the neighborhood will miss the building and the tree as much as I will. This project was an effort to help this staple building say goodbye, in a sense, to it’s neighborhood (and home for almost 100 years), before it forthcoming demolition.

Absolutely love this idea/video/fond farewell… Great work Daniel!!

For extra reading, click here to check out some of the photos I took when I explored the old Ortieb’s Brewhouse last May!!

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  1. nagurns permalink
    October 30, 2012 6:47 pm

    I loved this video too!! Now everyone can enjoy the building as it once was because of this film….thanks for sharing!!


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