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Streets Dept’s Top Posts of 2014

December 23, 2014

Every year around this time I like to pull together a list of the most read/viewed posts of that year. It gives me a chance to not only reflect on the year, but helps me put the year in some perspective with regards to what y’all are interested in. Hope you enjoy…


10) Pyramid Oracle Installs in North Philly and Northern Liberties


Had the pleasure of meeting and shooting New York-based (for now) artist, Pyramid Oracle, in September as he put up some new work in North Philly and Northern Liberties… Check out all the photos HERE!

9) Blek Le Rat Visits Philly!


That time the Father of Stencil Graffiti put up in Midtown Village.

8) But Really Though: Why Was This Wall Buffed?


Simple question, not so simple answer… Read the whole story HERE.

7) New Ben Volta Mural Outside Union Transfer


So good! This stunning new Ben Volta mural went up last May outside Union Transfer at 11th and Spring Garden thanks to Mural Arts.

6) Butter And Salmon Says “Hi” 


Love love LOVE all the work Butter And Salmon has put up this year!

5) An Equally Excellent and Rare SEPTA Train Burner


(Photo by Damon Landry)

A SUPER rare sight, Philly photographer Damon Landry spotted this SEPTA rail train car with an an end to end burner back in January. As Damon explains on his Tumblr, these are usually buffed before the paint even drys!

Not for nothing, I think it’d be cool if the city/SEPTA commissioned a handful of rotating graff artists to wrap a few trains every now and then.

4) The Case for Graffiti Pier


A little piece I wrote over the summer giving my two cents on how and why the city should protect this AMAZING public space as the area around it gets more and more developed… Read the whole article HERE!

3) Could There Soon Be A Second Magic Gardens in Philly? Inside Isaiah Zagar’s Rarely Seen Watkins Street Studio!


Tucked inside a former two-story parking garage in South Philly, today lives the nearly complete studio of one of Philadelphia’s most esteemed and exciting artists, Isaiah Zagar… Check out ALL the photos HERE! (Just incredible.)

2) My Dog Sighs Installs All Around Philly


Invited to Philly by the HAHA x Paradigm art project in September, UK-based artist, My Dog Sighs, put up a TON of really lovely work all over the city… Check it all out HERE!

1) Kid Hazo Gives Those Visit Philly Ads A Run for Their Money


Taking a playful stab at those ubiquitous “XOXO” Visit Philly ads, Kid Hazo created a series of re-imagined “XOXO” posters and installed them in heavily touristed areas of Center City… Check out all the photos HERE! (It should absolutely be noted that Visit Philly responded to Kid Hazo’s pieces perfectly!)

This now the 2nd year in a row Kid Hazo has topped my list of top street art posts (last year it was for ticketing the PPA!) Hazo is clearly on a role the last year and half or so, and I’m super excited to see where he takes things next year.


11) Cera Saves the Day: Artist Puts Up Inspiring Pastes All Over the City


Absolutely LOVING Cera‘s work this year… Check out all the photos HERE!


5) Ruin Porn Photographs North Philly’s St. Bonaventure Church Amid Its Demolition


(Photo by Ruin Porn)

A collection of truly incredible photos from her trip inside North Philly’s St. Bonaventure church amid its demolition, the constantly inspiring Ruin Porn sent me THESE photos back in May!

4) Inside Bok: The Bright Future Envisioned For One of Philadelphia’s Abandoned Public Schools


In October I was afforded the rare opportunity to explore one of Philadelphia’s recently abandoned public schools by local visionary Lindsey Scannapieco, who offered her inspiring plan for the GIGANTIC 7-story building in South Philly… Check out all the photos, and more about her plan HERE!

3) Inside New Jersey’s Abandoned Greystone Psychiatric Hospital with Zhenya Grinshteyn


AMAZING photos last January from photographer Zhenya Grinshteyn exploring the Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey… Check out all the photos HERE.

2) Inside 3 Recently Abandoned Philly Public High Schools with Austin Hodges

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

(Photo by Austin Hodges)

Not only is this a sad/surreal reflection of the state of Philadelphia’s devastatingly underfunded public school system, but it’s the 2nd of 5 of my “top urbex posts of 2014.” That means two things: one, there are enough abandoned public schools in Philly to have multiple posts like this in a single year, and two, that you all care so deeply about this issue enough to click/share these posts so much.

The issue of chronic underfunding aside, Austin Hodges‘ photos are simply unbelievable… See them all HERE.

1) Exploring Abandoned Poconos Resorts with Matt Hurst and Katie Rey


(Photos by Matt Hurst and Katie Rey)

Beautifully poignant photos from two fantastic Philly photographers, Matt Hurst and Katie Rey, last spring exploring a few abandoned resorts around the Poconos… Check out all the photos HERE.

Side note: Took some of my own photos this year as well after (literally) stumbling onto an abandoned resort while on a little vacation… And you can check out those photos HERE.


3) Look What Happens When You Renovate Instead of Demolish!


The story of one Fishtown church turned beautiful home… Check out all the photos HERE!

2) 5 Ways To Improve The Already Amazing Schuylkill River Boardwalk

Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

Five ways to build on the existing boardwalk over the next few months/years to make it even better… Read HERE.

1) #SEPTA247


In February I started a petition asking SEPTA to return 24/7 train service for the Market-Frankford El and Broad Street Line Subway. Within a few days the petition got a couple thousand signatures and Philly media (God bless ’em) pushed SEPTA for a response. Quickly thereafter SEPTA announced that reinstating late-night train service for the El and Subway had been something they had been thinking about, but that the success of this petition helped to show them that riders really wanted it, boasting their confidence. They then announced they would test all-night train service Friday and Saturday nights throughout that summer. After the summer, of course, SEPTA announced that the test pilot was a huge success, and that all-night El and Subway train service over the weekends was here to stay!

As a kid who grew up in Philly, grew up working late-night jobs that ended well after the trains stopped, this is such an important and progressive move for the entire city, and for me personally. Truly, everyone benefits from better public transportation options. So proud of my city and of SEPTA for taking a chance on this idea, and for creating positive change that looks to improve and inspire Philly’s future.

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