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Streets Dept Presents: The Top 10 Urban Explorations of 2013

December 23, 2013

Based on your views, clicks, and shares… (Click on photos to be taken to full posts!)

10. Inside Philadelphia’s Abandoned Spring Garden School


9. Inside The Beury Building (AKA The ‘Boner Forever’ building) with Zhenya Grinshteyn


(Photos by Zhenya Grinshteyn)

8. Inside Brewerytown’s Abandoned Red Bell Brewery


7. Seaside Heights, Nearly 4 Months After Hurricane Sandy


6. Inside the Late Edison High School, Philadelphia’s Forgotten Castle, with Ruin Porn


(Photos by Ruin Porn)

5. Inside The Abandoned Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House with Zach Patten


(Photos by Zach Patten)

4. Inside the Divine Lorraine with Zach Patten (Yes, Again!)


(Photos by Zach Patten)

3. Inside Philadelphia’s Rusting Halls of Power with Noah Levey


(Photos by Noah Levey, all images copyright 2013 Noah Levey photography)

2. Inside Philly’s Abandoned Tastykake Factory with Ruin Porn


(Photos by Ruin Porn)

1. Exploring Philadelphia’s Abandoned Subway Stations


Find more explorations into Abandoned Philadelphia HERE!

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