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Exploring Philadelphia’s Abandoned Subway Stations

September 24, 2013


Closed in 1989 due to low ridership and safety concerns after nearly 60 years in service, SEPTA’s Spring Garden Street Station on the Broad-Ridge Spur is now an abandoned mecca for graffiti artists and urban explorers alike, who are arguably the only people showing the old station any love.

In total, The Broad-Ridge Spur includes the Spring Garden, Fairmount, Race-Vine and Market Street stops. And while today both the Race-Vine and Market Street stops exist in some new/updated form, the Spring Garden stop is completely non-operational and the Fairmount stop, while still partially open, has been left fairly untouched. In our exploration, it looked as though at least half the Fairmount station’s platform was closed to the public. (The half photographed here.)

Check out more photos below, and on the Instagram accounts of @medlowminus and @austinxc04!


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