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Inside Brewerytown’s Abandoned Red Bell Brewery

August 28, 2013


Founded in 1993, Brewerytown’s Red Bell Brewing Co. quickly tapped into an eager market amid “the heady days of the microbrewery craze,” but had nevertheless accumulated over $80,000 in back taxes and total losses of roughly $11.5 million by the time it closed its doors in 2002. (According to this article on

Today, the old brewery at 31st and Jefferson streets now sits abandoned, and potentially soon-to-be-demolished, if the “new homes coming soon” signs on the property are any indication.

Check out more photos of this amazing abandoned brewery below! Including a few from fellow explorer – and one of my favorite Instagrammers – Austinxc04!


And here are some of Austin’s photos…


Check out more of Austin’s photos HERE! And be sure to follow him on Instagram, (if you’re not already.)

Find more explorations into Abandoned Philadelphia HERE!

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