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Streets Dept Presents: Philadelphia’s Top 10 Street Art Moments of 2013

December 17, 2013

Based on your views, clicks, and shares…

10. Joe Boruchow’s South Philly Mural


Located at 9th and Dickinson streets in South Philadelphia, Joe Boruchow created his biggest wheatpaste to-date this past October with this beautiful mural.

9. Justin Tyner’s Beautiful New South Philly Glass Art Installations


Made using restored stained glass windows from decommissioned churches and the bottoms of broken bottles that he found around the city, Justin Tyner created a series of gorgeous, kaleidoscopic mosaics that he installed around South Philly in June. (Check out the full post HERE written by Philadelphia Magazine News Editor Brian G. Howard!)

8. Two New NoseGo Murals in Philly!


(Photos courtesy of NoseGo)

It would hardly seem a list about Philadelphia street art if it did not include NoseGo. And the constantly inspiring artist did not disappoint in 2013, creating these two new mural, as well as a ton of more work around the city and around the globe!

7. AliCè (Alice Pasquini) Paints Two New Murals In Philly


(Photo by Harlequinade Art)

AliCè (Alice Pasquini,) the amazingly talented street artist from Rome, stopped by Philly in March to put up two new pieces of work… The first in South Philly, in the Italian Market at 9th and Washington streets. The second tucked away in Center City on Ionic street, just above 20th.

6. Paige Smith Installs Her ‘Urban Geodes’ Around Philly


November saw LA-based artist Paige Smith installing a bunch of her famous “Urban Geodes” around Philly in collaboration with the HAHA MAG x Paradigm Gallery Community Arts Program… Absolutely LOVE her work/this project!

5. Noam Chomsky Mural To Be Swallowed Up by Capitalism, Naturally


Feburary saw some sad news for mural lovers and Noam Chomsky enthusiasts alike, as construction at the corner of 19th street and Fairmount avenue (which at the time of this photo only slightly covered up Philly’s much-loved Noam Chomsky mural,) was indeed a sign of the mural’s soon departure from the Fairmount streetscape.

According to Plan Philly, the mural honoring one of Philly’s – and the world’s – finest thinkers was to be replaced by 15 new rental apartments, seven parking spaces, and “some type of food retail space.”

4. Pussy Division Reminds Philly That Harassment Isn’t Okay


A city that became the backdrop for a viral photo series by photographer Hannah Price documenting men who cat-called her, Philadelphia saw a group of feminist activist by the name of Pussy Division seek to bring greater awareness to street harassment, one of our city’s most prolific problems in 2013, through “guerilla marketing,” including a series of anti-street harassment stencils like the one above.

3. A Real-Life #TBT Reminder by Kid Hazo


(Photo courtesy of Kid Hazo)

In mid-July, at the crux of “TBT” coming into the national lexicon, Kid Hazo installed this real-life reminder of the weekly day of observation for passers-by at 6th and Bainbridge streets in Queen Village.

2. Logan Square Statues Sport Ball Gags and Other Assorted S&M Gear

-2 -4

Found early morning November 1st (and quickly taken down,) still very little is known about this installation. Except for the fact that it is hilarious.

1. Kid Hazo Tickets the PPA


In late September, Kid Hazo gave the PPA some much-needed payback, and everyone loved it…a lot, apparently. Making it that most viewed street art-related post on this site in 2013.

A few honorable mentions…

11. Huggie Takes on Mayor Nutter and Philadelphia Property Tax Assessments


12. Awesome New Wheatpaste Series Just Popped Up in Philly


(Photos courtesy of @chairmanbaker)

13. Is Street Art A Specifically Visual Art Form? Perhaps Not Anymore


(Photo by The Cat Ears)

14. New Anti-Harassment Pastes by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh


15. Kid Hazo Introduces New ‘Rogue Rocky Route’


Speaking of Kid Hazo (again,) was 2013 the ‘Year Of Hazo?’ I think it just might have been. And from what I’m hearing, we’ve only just seen the tip of the Hazo iceberg. 2014 should be mighty interesting, Philadelphia… Stay tuned!

In the meantime, however…

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