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Is Street Art A Specifically Visual Art Form? Perhaps Not Anymore

March 18, 2013


(Photo by The Cat Ears)

Really fascinated by this project…

Long story short, a relatively new sticker artist who goes by the name The Cat Ears (who is self-admittedly very inspired by Philly’s own Curly,) began creating some politically charged stickers and putting them around the city a few months ago. When discussing this with a friend, named Austin Seraphin, the two began a dialogue about street art in general and how it can connect to someone like Austin, who is blind. This sparked the collaborative sticker series you see above, which the two are calling Braille Street Art.

With slogans such as, “Aaron Swartz Died for You,” a reference to the suicide of the ‘internet freedom fighter’ arrested for making public domain documents available to the masses, free of charge. And “Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan,” which proposes that J.P. Morgan has a massive short position in silver, and that even if only 5% of the world’s population were to buy a single coin of silver it would make the resource scarcer, thus forcing the price up and making it impossible for J.P. Morgan to recover its position, forcing them to go bankrupt. These slogans are written both in marker and in braille.

Nevertheless, back to the question posed in the title: is street art specifically visual? If you had asked me that yesterday, I would have said, without a doubt, yes. But now, I’m not so sure. Again, very fascinating project here. Interested to see/feel it continue!

And I’ve linked to it above, but I encourage you to check out Austin Seraphin‘s blog post about Braille Street Art… What do y’all think?

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  1. caraelyse permalink
    May 1, 2013 2:16 pm

    This is so cool. I may be moving to Philly soon to get my masters in Arts Administration, and my specific interest is arts and health – how the arts can be made more accessible to those with health issues and how engaging with/in the arts can be therapeutic and educate the public about health issues. I would love to learn more about this!


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