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Philly Travels: Langston Clement Visits Wynwood Walls in Miami

July 16, 2014


 (All photos by Langston Clement)

Written by Langston Clement (aka foxx_boogie on Instagram):

Wynwood Walls in Miami is home to an array of world renowned street art and graffiti murals located not far from South Beach. The area comes to life immediately as you enter the neighborhood and witness massive, brightly colored pieces lining the walls far and wide throughout the warehouse district.

Originally conceived in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman, the project continues to curate some of the most talented graffiti and street artists from across the globe. The nature of the project encourages other artists to create pieces outside of the curated walls – allowing you to explore and see what surprise may lie around the next corner. In these photos you’ll see pieces created by Os Gemeos (São Paulo), Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles), Aiko (Tokyo), HOW & NOSM (NYC) , b. (Athens), Neuz (Mexico City), Vhils (Lisbon), Nunca (São Paulo), Pez (Barcelona), Cope 2 (NYC), Retna (Los Angeles), Ron English (Illinois), Ryan McGinness (Virginia Beach), Dal East (South Africa) and more.
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