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Philly Travels: Langston Clement Visits Miami’s Art Basel 2017

January 17, 2018

Post by Streets Dept Contributor, Langston Clement

If you’re looking to escape Philly’s unforgiving frigid weather in December, then Miami’s Art Basel just might do the trick. It’s one of the largest contemporary art fairs in the world that attracts an impressive roster of celebrities, artists and avid collectors from all over the globe. For a relatively cheap flight out of PHL, you can transport yourself from snow to South Beach with a travel time of roughly 3 hours. And if you’re a street art lover, it certainly will be worth every penny.

If you follow the international mural circuit, you’ll know that Wynwood Walls is the hot spot where some of the biggest names in the street art scene come to show off their latest and greatest. (Check out my previous article about Wynwood Walls here to get a bit of history.)

Inside the walls there were some incredible pieces by Tristan EatoneL SeedDasic FernandezThe London PoliceAlexis DiazJoe Iurato and more.

Outside of the walls, there are endless warehouses throughout the neighborhood getting new during the week. Luckily on Day 1, I was able to catch My Dog Sighs in action. And if any Philadelphians are reading this and you think his work and it looks familiar, it should! He’s a UK based street artist, originally brought to Philly through our friends at Haha x Paradigm!

Lurking around the corner from him was Alexis Diaz working on an insanely intricate piece that took approximately two weeks to finish.

Additionally, I got to catch up with Amberella as she worked on a collab with Alloyius McIlwaine on a Philly owned restaurant in Little Haiti (check the drone footage for more.)

Let’s not forget that Conor Harrington‘s impressively massive Juxtapoz x Adidas and Mana Contemporary mural was quite the show stopper.

And last but not least, enjoy these pieces by Delvs, Murone x Txemy, and more.

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