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BEAUTIFUL New Harlequinade Gargoyles Around Philly, Artist Explains How They Help the City

December 20, 2015


Been seeing a handful of BEAUTIFUL, new Harlequinade Gargoyles around town the last week, this one on Girard avenue between 3rd and 4th streets…

If you’re not familiar with Harlequinade’s Gargoyles, the installations are meant to inject a positive/watchful force onto the streets of Philadelphia, effectively safeguarding people against bad energy and violence. The artist explains himself the following way:

“Philadelphia is a city with deep roots as far as cities in North America go, and a rich underground culture. There is an amazing sense of community despite its gritty reputation to many outsiders. Underneath that looming reputation may be the unfortunate frequency of violent crime that takes place. The Gargoyles are created as atuas of wrathful guardian spirits to be installed throughout the city. The philosophy being that their presence will affect the metaphysical energies of the local area and deter any predatory or violent spirits on the streets.

LOVE this idea, and love this execution too… Such great work!

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