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New Doug Nox Series Turns Philly Mailboxes Into Beautiful Stained Glass-like Windows

August 2, 2021

Beautiful new wheatpaste series from artist Doug Nox (aka Harleqvin) has popped up on mailboxes around Philadelphia, including 13th and Mifflin Streets and Broad and Mifflin Streets as seen here!

“They’re the latest iteration of the same theme I’ve been exploring for a while — my attempt at depicting a modern urban mythological/folkloric landscape,” Doug explained over text. “They started as digital drawings that I adapted to the format of the mail relay boxes, which I think conveniently have a shape similar to stained glass church windows. They’re also usually located on street corners, or crossroads, which are said to be liminal spaces where the spirit world can intersect with the human world.”

As always, I’m enamored by Doug’s artistry: the color, the detail, the whimsy of it all. From 2019’s climate justice paste to his years-long project started in 2012 of wheatpasting gargoyles around Philly to “deter any predatory or violent spirits on the streets,” Doug’s work always pulls me in. It’s truly in a lane of its own!

For those who have seen this new series, Doug has a final note: “I’d like to note that I have nothing but respect and admiration for the USPS, and if any have ‘appeared’ in an unwanted area then anyone can just let me know and I’ll take it off ASAP.”

Click the following to see pervious work from Doug Nox / Harleqvin / Harlequinade!

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  1. August 4, 2021 9:02 am

    Love these.

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