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Doug Nox Wheatpastes for Climate And Ecological Justice in South Philly

December 29, 2019

In love with this new wheatpaste from longtime Philly-based street artist Doug Nox (aka Harleqvin), located on Broad Street at Fitzwater Street in South Philly!

“[It’s] my take on the extinction symbol,” Doug wrote in an Instagram post about his wheatpaste’s design. “It encapsulates the range of my feelings on the subject of anthropogenic climate change, from a pessimistic fatalism to a kind of faith in the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth.”

The extinction symbol Doug references is the logo of Extinction Rebellion, a “global non-violent rebellion against the governments of the world for climate and ecological justice.” Extinction Rebellion has more than a half-million followers on Instagram, and they even have a Philly branch among their dozens of branches around the world.

Click here to see pervious installations by Doug Nox around Philly!

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