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Philly Creatives Come Together in Support of Bernie Sanders: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Leah Kauffman’s “Bernie Bae” Video

February 16, 2016


What happens when the creative forces of Philly come together in support of the most progressive Presidential candidate in a lifetime?

Today, the always-inspiring Leah Kauffman released her BRILLIANT Bernie Bae music video (which you can watch at the bottom of this post.) The video is a dancey love ballad to her Presidential pick, Bernie Sanders. Leah, you may remember, is the creator of a number of politically inspired music videos, including 2008’s mega-viral hit Crush on Obama, which to-date has over 26 million views on YouTube! She’s also, it should be mentioned, just a damn good singer.

To create her “Bernie Bae” video, Leah worked with a BUNCH of amazing Philly-based creatives:

The song was co-written and produced with Philly-based musician Jeffrey Levi Fry.

The set’s backdrop of posters and a mural, and two of the three tee-shirts worn by Leah and the dancers, were created by artist and designer Brooks Bell – yes, that Brooks Bell… All those posters and tees are for sale at Brooks’ I <3 Bernie store, and 35% of all proceeds from the store will be donated to the official Bernie Sanders campaign!

That third tee-shirt, by the way, was made by Philly-based Print Liberation, who also made my #SEPTA247 shirts back in 2014.

The two dance groups had Philly roots as well with Philly-based Club Lyfestile and Kemar Jewel, who is originally from Philadelphia, performing with his team of ballroom-style dancers!

And the video itself was filmed and edited by Dan King and Jon Chicot of the Philly-based collaborative video production company Good Motion Project.

Philly is feeling the Bern, to say the least! Can you say “Philly-based” three times fast? :p

Check out MORE behind-the-scenes photos – and the video – below…


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