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And it’s impossible not to LOVE these new Air Rat pieces

August 9, 2016


LOVE these new pieces by Air Rat in the Eraserhood!

The first reads, ‘Love is not Political’, and on his Instagram the artist explains:

“I find the thought we could potentially be taking a step backwards and not only revoke same sex marriage and begin CONVERSION THERAPY is fucking insane to me it is our constitutional right to PERSUE HAPPINESS that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to happiness but you’re entitled to pursue it any way you want and I wish everyone luck in obtaining it however you pursue it.”

The new series includes pieces that read ‘Love is not a Color’, ‘Love is not a Sex’, and ‘Love is Transparent’… In another Instagram post, the artist sums it all up by saying: “Leave bigotry/racism/sexism/politics out of [love].” And I couldn’t agree more!

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