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Let Us Fix That Sign for You: Replacing Pro-Trump Signs with Anti-Trump Street Art in Philadelphia’s Suburbs

November 7, 2016


Spent today with Eric Preisendanz and Aubrie Costello installing Joe Boruchow‘s anti-Trump #PhiladelphiaGoddamn pieces in the suburbs of Philadelphia – removing at least one “Hillary for Prison” sign along the way – because this election is too damn important!

Y’all know I was a huge (sorry, YUGE) Bernie supporter in the Primaries. So much so I even helped to produce a 3-story Bernie Sanders mural at 22nd and Catherine streets. I (very seriously) considered voting for a 3rd party candidate right after the Primaries. However, since this summer and as we’ve moved closer to the election it’s become increasingly clear to me that a vote for Hillary is a vote for many of the things that I was fighting for with my support for Bernie in the Primaries.

Hillary will fight to (finally!) increase in our country’s Federal Minimum Wage. She’ll fight to make public college tuition-free for anyone who wants it. She’ll fight to protect women’s rights, to protect LGBTQ rights, to challenge systemic racism, and to dismantle the walls of bigotry that have been built up over this election. She’ll fight for a green energy future because climate change is fucking real. And she’ll fight to elect Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Citizens United and help make our democracy more democratic. The difference between Trump and Clinton is night and day, and each and every one of our votes is crucial.

If you’re a progressive like me, I encourage you to not feel defeated by this election but to see the opportunity in working with Hillary and more moderate Democrats to push this country in the right direction and steer it away from whatever the fuck a Trump Presidency would look like.

And, if you would be able to, I STRONGLY encourage y’all to join me in volunteering on Election Day with #PHL4HRC: you can sign up to do that HERE!


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