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Philly: Have You Seen This Deer Jawn Around Town Yet?

August 30, 2017

Over the last month (since late-July to be precise), mysterious “Deer Jawn” street signs have started popping up around Philly. The signs, which are installed as wheatpastes, stickers, and even a few realistic street signs, read either “Deer Jawn Crossing” or “Slow: Deer Jawn.” Some have even reported sightings of, well, a deer jawn walking the streets of Philadelphia. So, what is this all about?

Curious and eager to know more, I posed the question to my Instagram last night asking if anyone knew more about this “Deer Jawn.” Nearly immediately, my brilliant followers led me to the Instagram account of said Deer Jawn, to whom I sent a message requesting an interview. The Deer Jawn, who I later found out was a graduate from Penn State with a degree in graphic design, kindly accepted.

(Photos courtesy of Deer Jawn’s Instagram)

“This project is constantly evolving. It is both street art and performance art,” Deer Jawn replied to me in an email. “The idea behind the Deer Jawn street signs was simply a mysterious way for me to introduce this character to the community.”

So how/why did this all get started, you may be wondering? I asked the artist: “I am always experimenting with new ways to express my creativity. I love making music, pop art, costumes, etc. Originally, Deer Jawn was an idea that I had for a solo music act. It then evolved into more of an art project, although I may still take it in a musical direction. (Any electro musicians out there please hit me up.) Philly has a really strong street art scene, which I love, so I thought what better way to share this idea than by offering it up to everyone through wheatpastes, stickers, and street signs.”

“I want to create art that people can find fun and entertaining, but if I can use it to help propel a message and touch people in a deep and meaningful way, then I think that’s cooler still. Whether Deer Jawn accomplishes that remains to be seen,” Deer Jawn responded when I asked about his “Nazi Punk Buck Off” tee shirt Instagram post and whether he saw himself as an activist as well as an artist.

So what’s next? “[My] plan is to expand into interactive art and possibly more. The direction might depend upon how people react to this jawn. For example, in my head I envision people engaging me on Twitter in a Dear John or Dear Abby way… I have some other ideas for Deer Jawn too that will start to pop up around Philly that will give people another peek into who he is. Keep your eyes peeled!”

Thanks so much for the interview, Deer Jawn!

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