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Interviews with Street Artists: A Chat with Inphltrate

September 20, 2017

If you’re like me, a lover of street art and someone whose eyes are always scanning walls for new work, then chances are you have seen a lot of work around Philly over the last year or so by an artist who goes by the name Inphltrate. That’s because Inphltrate has created a recognizable wheatpaste mold that’s as eye-catching as it is haunting: a coffin wrapped in a waving banner that reads heartfelt quotes from the artist. Curious to learn more, this week I interviewed Inphltrate…

Streets Dept: Hey Inphltrate! So first, I’m wondering how long have you been creating art?
Inphltrate: I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember. It has been and always will be my passion.

SD: Did you go to school for art, then?
I: Yeah, I graduated from Hussian College, which is a small digital media focused school in old city. I received my BFA in graphic design there.

SD: How long have you been creating street art?
I: I’ve been wheatpasting around Philly since October of last year.

SD: Tell me about the coffins! What inspired this series?
I: The inspiration behind the coffins is very personal. It came at a time in my life where things took a 180 and crashed. It was an overall eruption of emotions that inspired me to paste my thoughts to the streets, even if what I had to say was not so nice. (Sorry not sorry) These coffins have allowed me to vent and bitch my heart out. I like to think of them as my triumph over the pain I once willingly felt. These coffins were only meant to be a four part series, however I’m beginning to rethink that due to the positive feedback and love I’ve received about them. I wanted to paste not only something for me, but something that anyone could relate to…something unexpected that you could randomly spot on a street corner and it would make you feel as strong as it has made me.

SD: It looks like from your Instagram feed that you used to mostly post images of other Philly street artists’ work, did Philly’s street art scene inspire you to put your artwork on the street?
I: As an artist myself, I naturally appreciated the street art I would randomly discover around the city, however since participating myself, I have found a whole new respect/view for street art and those who tag and paste. This inspiration really hit me after I had begun pasting. The rush, risk, and freedom to express yourself is beyond fulfilling. For me it’s not just about the Instagram “likes.” Pasting your personal artwork on the streets goes beyond “breaking rules.” It’s a feeling like no other. You’re letting yourself be exposed while also welcoming the possibility to be critiqued by everyone. But more importantly it gives you power, it let’s you speak and be heard without actually saying a word.

SD: Do you have a website or a Bigcartel site? How can people support you?
I: I do not have a website yet, but one is currently in the making! In the meantime I will be selling posters of my work which you can message me about directly on Instagram.

Thanks so much for the chat, Inphltrate. Look forward to seeing your series grow and continue!

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