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Philly Street Artists Collaborate On A New Installation About Hope and Growth

October 23, 2018

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

Awesome new installation by Philly street artists Inphltrate and Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace in the Moon)! The pair’s first collaboration – and Inphltrate’s largest wheatpaste ever – the piece is located at 10th and Hamilton streets in Spring Arts.

“We wanted to create something big. We wanted to create something that allowed the viewer to step inside and interact with the piece,” Nicole responded over email when I asked each artist more about the installation and how it can to be. “Inphltrate and I met over beer and brought our sketchbooks… We decided that death, reawakening, and being reborn were some concepts that molded each of our aesthetics together. The phrase ‘Bring Me Back To Life,’ really brought it all together.”

“I first noticed Nicole on Instagram with her posts of Taylor Swift inspired yarnbombs around South Philly,” Inphltrate explained. “I was inspired by her dedication… I reached out to her, simply congratulating her on the Taylor meet and greet success, she thanked me and suggested we create an epic installation together. That’s when yarn met paste. I’m very open to collaborating with other artists, even if our styles aren’t usually paired. That’s the best part about the process, figuring out the in-between imagery and message that will connection the two artists.”

“This is my fourth piece under a viaduct/bridge,” Nicole went on about why they choose this location. “I am drawn to these underpasses for a couple reason. The main reason being because it allows for the yarn to last longer and remain vibrant since the pieces are covered and protected from weathering. The underpasses also allow me to get an end result that I wouldn’t be able to get by installing on a fence – since I can glue down the piece, it is easier to manipulate the yarn and make it stay exactly how I want. Lastly, underpasses are usually a pretty ‘safe’ place to install, since they are not really anyone’s private property that I need to get permission from.”

“Since the start of my Hourglass paste ups, I’ve been trying to put out a different, more hopeful type of messaging,” Inphltrate added about when asked how the duo landed on the quote for this collaboration. “My first Hourglass, draped with a banner that reads ‘Bury The Heartache And Bloom Through The Darkness‘ inspired the direction of the quote for me. ‘Bring Me Back To Life’ holds a lot. It’s hope, fear, growth, change, and courage. After any dark experience in life, there comes a period where you must allow some vulnerability in order to get help and grow. That’s what this piece means to me, it’s allowing myself to feel vulnerable again in the hopes that I will and can be saved. Every ending is a new beginning, and there’s always hope. I always believed that for others, and now I’m trying to believe that for myself.”

Thanks so much to Inphltrate and Nicole for inviting Eric and I out to document their installation. Hope to see more collaborations from y’all!

Read my 2017 interview with Inphltrate here, and see pervious yarnbomb installations from Nicole Nikolich around Philly here.  

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