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Philly Street Artist Ephemeroh Uses A Ladder to Cross Trump’s Wall

March 28, 2019

LOVE this new installation from Philly-based street artist Ephemeroh, located on Girard avenue at Marshall street!

While, like most art/art in the public space, Ephemeroh’s latest work could be interpreted by different viewers in any number of ways, a look at his Instagram post about this piece makes the artist’s intentions clearer. In that IG post, Ephemeroh captions a photograph of this installation with the following: “A Fence, Steel Slats, or ‘Whatever You Want to Call It’ -DJT [Donald J. Trump]”

That quote is not only a direct quote from our current president who regularly stokes fear about a nonexistent threat at the United States’ southern border to justify the building of a medieval border wall that was one of the centerpieces of his fear-based 2016 presidential campaign, it’s also the exact title of this New York Times article that’s documenting the many ways in which DJT is/has talked about his wall and who will pay for it.

Brilliant work, Ephemeroh!

Check out pervious work from Ephemeroh around Philly here, and read my 2017 interview with Ephemeroh here!

P.s. Anyone at all thinking about the litter/dumping seen in these photos, please reference this 2017 Kid Hazo call-to-action street art installation.

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