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Kid Hazo Installs ‘Filthadelphia’ Emoji Reaction Meters at Illegal Dumping Sites Around Philly

July 20, 2017

In an effort to call attention to illegal, hazardous trash dumping in lots and alleys around Philly neighborhoods, Philly’s resident comic street artist Kid Hazo yesterday installed temporary Filthadelphia emoji reaction meters at various locations.

Kid Hazo’s goal is to inspire action, as he explained to me over email: “Let’s act instead of just making reactions!” Adding, “It’s heartbreaking to see our beautiful neighborhoods riddled with trash, but we can do a lot to keep things cleaner. If you come across illegal dumping in the City of Philadelphia one solution is to download ‘Philly 311’ in the app store and take a pic and submit a request for cleanup. Additionally, you can report it online here.” (Note: 311 is also the service/app people use to get street art removed, which clearly I am not endorsing. So please, kind Philadelphian, use your 311 powers for good. The City only has so much money to spend on “beautification” efforts, and I for one would rather see that money used to clean up hazardous dumping rather than some wheatpastes or graffiti on an abandoned building.)

“You can also get involved with the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee that runs over 9,000 cleaning and beautification activities a year,” Kid Hazo concluded.

And this is not the first time Kid Hazo has tackled littering and illegal dumping, earlier this year the artist teamed up with Haha X Paradigm and the Queen Village Neighborhood Association to design a series of Quality of Life signs that are currently distributed in the area. (If you’re apart of a neighborhood association and would like to get Kid Hazo’s Quality of Life signs on your streets, they are available for purchase here.)

See pervious installations from Kid Hazo here!

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  1. qguy permalink
    July 21, 2017 2:13 pm

    “This is not the first time Kid Hazo has tackled littering and illegal dumping.”

    “Tackling” the problem?? Don’t kid yourselves. This is barely tapping the problem on the shoulder. While this is nice, and represents a visible comment from the larger community, those who short-dump don’t care one whit about whether or not some artist comments on what they did.


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