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This Friday: Philly Artists Unite for A Fundraiser in Support of Art in Philly Schools

July 24, 2017

Join dozens of Philly-area artists and creatives at Tatooed Mom (on South Street between 5th and 6th) this Friday, July 28 from 7pm-Midnight for We All Start Somewhere, a fundraiser and donation drop in support of art in Philly schools!

The event was organized by V.U.R.T., a new public art non-profit perhaps best known to-date as the creators of a pair of playful, animal themed murals, one featuring a squirrel eating a SEPTA token, the other a row of cats welcoming you to Fishtown. As they write on their website, “V.U.R.T. has a vision of collecting as many art supplies as we can to donate to local schools since funding for art programs is little to none. We are launching the stART’r Box Initiative by filling custom boxes with donated art supplies in an effort to promote and support the visual arts for generations to come. It can be a struggle for some to open the door and minds of creative people without access to the right tools.”

If you’re interested in supporting the event, there’s two ways you can help:

  1. You can purchase prints, buttons, tees, and artwork donated by dozens of Philly-area artists, including many you’ve seen on this blog before including Amberella, Kid Hazo, Blur, Joe BoruchowSeper, Bear215, FaithsFun, Glossblack, Evan Lovett, and more! I’ve donated a couple prints of my photos as well.
  2. You can donate art supplies!

All money raised and all donations collected will go to building what V.U.R.T. is calling “stART’r Boxes” of art supplies to be donated to Philly schools.

In an email response, V.U.R.T.’s Creative Director Evan Lovett mentioned that their hope is to do more of these events in the future, eventually expanding to include Camden, Trenton, and other towns and cities around our area.

Hope to see y’all on Friday!

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