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New Cat Mural Welcomes You to Fishtown, Fishes Beware

July 10, 2017

LOVE this!

A new mural from V.U.R.T. in Fishtown winks at all the other fish-centric address signs and murals in the neighborhood… “Well, if I were a cat, I know I’d want to hang around a neighborhood called ‘Fishtown,'” replied V.U.R.T.’s co-founder and resident artist, Evan Lovett (pictured below), in response to being asked why there would be cats all over a Fishtown welcome sign.

What is V.U.R.T., you might ask? They’re a relatively new, local mural painting nonprofit (a registered 501c3.) More from their website: “Our mission is to inspire, unify, and renew urban communities through the power of public art and revitalization. We at V.U.R.T. are dedicated to reclaiming the visual landscape of our urban areas with dynamic and vibrant public art. By utilizing reusable and recycled materials, we will give back to the community through green practices. With our professional design and mural painting experience we believe the work we do can enrich and inspire the masses. In an effort to collaborate with the community, together we will strive to bring color to the dreary and attention to the overlooked and forgotten. With nothing more than a little paint, we can make a huge difference in how a community can look, feel, and thrive.”

In the first of what they’re calling their “Welcome To…” series, V.U.R.T. painted this “Welcome to Fishtown” mural just over the weekend. You can find it on Frankford avenue between Delaware and Girard avenues. (1120 Frankford avenue, to be exact.)

The mural was created and designed by V.U.R.T.’s Evan Lovett in collaboration with Glossblack. It features both Evan’s signature sharpie style and Glossblack’s lettering.

Of course, anyone who follows this blog regularly will recognize that this is not the first time that Evan Lovett and Glossblack have collaborated on a mural in the Fishtown area. In fact, two of their pervious collaborations are a couple of the most clicked on/viewed posts in this blog’s six year history! Those include the Pigeon Mural and the American Bald Eagle Mural.

Evan Lovett, alone with V.U.R.T., created this past May’s immediately beloved Squirrel with Token Mural! Another very popular mural on this blog.

Can’t wait to see what’t next!

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  1. A. Biagi permalink
    July 12, 2017 10:27 am

    V.U.R.T. – While I am a fan of your work, this has got to be the worst mural in Philadelphia. The cats are too “cutesy” and speak nothing of admirable grit of Philly. Fishtown is an awesome neighborhood and I regret I have to walk by this mural on a daily basis. Can we swap the cats for fish? Or anything else? Please! Also, why is it so darn orange?

  2. Danielle permalink
    July 13, 2017 6:46 am

    Address of the mural is 1140 Frankford Ave! It’s on the side of JG Real Estate.

  3. Linda Kane permalink
    December 15, 2017 12:08 am

    OMG I want to buy a cat fishtown print how can I do so before 12/25/2017???I love your art please contact me 215 725 9407


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