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Playful New Electrical Box Mural by Jasjyot Singh Hans On South Street

November 22, 2019

Absolutely in love with this new mini-mural, TEASERS by artist Jasjyot Singh Hans, apart of the ongoing series of electrical box murals curated by the HAHA x Paradigm project!

“An illustrator unendingly inspired by an explosive neon mix of fashion, music, and pop culture,” Jasjyot’s artist bio reads. “His work chronicles around themes of body image, sexuality, and self love.

To me, the mural perfectly reflects the fun, playful spirit of South Street, where it’s located (5th and South streets to be exact.) And it seems that’s what the artist had in mind. “With this piece, TEASERS, I wanted these women to make people smile as they passed by, and to encourage everyone to embrace their inner child,” Jasjyot explained on Instagram.

Great work, y’all!

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