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New Wheatpaste by Symone Salib Questions Beauty Ideals

January 27, 2020

New wheatpaste from Philly-based artist Symone Salib, located at 15th Street and Washington Avenue, reminds us: “It is bizarre to only chase a colonial idea of beauty”.

While this particular wheatpaste is new, the design for it was inspired by a talk Symone saw with artist Jasjyot Singh Hans at Paradigm Gallery + Studio late last year. Jasjyot was in Philly to talk about his work and his recent South Street electrical box mural created with the HAHA x Paradigm project. (A mural I documented for Streets Dept here.) “I really resonated with his message and what he shared with the audience,” Symone wrote in an Instagram post. “He said so many different things that really stuck with me, so much so that I made this piece inspired by him and his words.”

See past works by Symone Salib around Philly here!

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