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Forget the Handful of Protesters in Harrisburg, These Are The Only Protest Signs Worth Reading Today

April 20, 2020

A new series of wheatpastes by Philly-area street artist Sean 9 Lugo thanks healthcare workers and reminds us that we’re all in this together!

The new artworks feature one of Sean’s classic animal headed figures holding a cardboard protest sign with different text. And for this series the figure featured was inspired by @DudeWithASign, the viral Instagram meme generator that’s earned over 7 million followers. The wheatpastes photographed for this post are installed at Broad and Jackson Streets and Broad and Wharton Streets, respectively, in South Philly. And they read, “Thank you doctors, nurses, and medical staff,” and “We’re in this together.”

Sean wrote in an Instagram post about his new series, “In times like these we have to show love and appreciation to those fighting everyday to save lives.” And I couldn’t agree more!

Ironically, Sean’s new series of wheatpastes that depict a dude holding protest signs that thank healthcare workers and remind us we’re in this together come the same week we’re seeing images come from small protests outside a few state capitals of people protesting for an end to the sorts of public health safety measures that are keeping our hospitals from reaching capacity and keeping us all safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This thought occurred to me as I started writing this post. So, please, if you’re reading this right now don’t give those other protesters the attention they so desperately crave. Give it to this series instead!

See past installations by Sean 9 Lugo around Philly here! And browse Sean 9 Lugo’s web store here!

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