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Two New Sean 9 Lugo Pastes in Kensington

April 3, 2016


Had the honor of meeting an artist I’ve been following for some time this weekend, Sean 9 Lugo… He’s just put up two new installations in Kensington. One (above) on Master, between American and Germantown. A second (below) – a collaboration with Harlequinade –on Girard, between 3rd and 4th!


Side note/pet peeve: That last wall gets buffed ALLLLLLL the time, despite some really great pieces of street art being posted up there, yet the mountain of trash that lays in front of that wall seems to have never been touched.

If your goal with all the buffing is to, I can only imagine, beatify/de-blighten the neighborhood (even though that’s ridiculous, buffing art with weird mismatched paint to beautify anything is silly at best). Nevertheless, if you’re goal is to make the neighborhood somehow look better, WHY LEAVE THE TRASH?! It’s maddening.

To frame this another way: Why are we using tax dollars to buff in neighborhoods where there’s still currently no street cleaning? Is a wheatpaste really that much worse than an entire street full of trash?

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