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Welcome to ‘Truth To Power’, the GIGANTIC (Surprise!) Art Exhibition That Will Pop-Up in Philly During the DNC

July 21, 2016


Y’ALL: This is without a doubt one of the biggest art exhibitions to be hosted in Philly in (probably) decades, I honestly don’t even know what I could compare this to… And I’m SO honored, humbled, and exited to be a Media Partner for it!

Truth To Power is a (SURPRISE!) large-scale pop-up art exhibition, cultural convening, and community organizing event series that will take place in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention, July 25th-27th:

“Presented by Rock The Vote in partnership with #Cut50 and other national and community partners, The Truth to Power exhibition and event space is designed to elevate and illuminate the most pressing issues facing young people in the United States today — from ending mass incarceration and stopping police violence to providing access to jobs and a living wage, building a fair immigration system to protecting reproductive freedom, making higher education affordable and defending our right to vote. Together, we will lift our voices, identify solutions, assert our power and work together to claim our future — a world where we can all live with dignity, freedom and hope.”

The list of artists participating in this pop-up exhibition includes Ron English, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Faith47, Jeff Soto, and powerhouses with a local connection like, Aubrie Costello, Dewey Saunders, DistoArt, Gaia, Icy Signs, Ishknits, Michelle Ortiz, Nosego, Sean Lugo, and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.

The works in the photos above are by Amber (Amberella) Lyn, Brooks Bell, Keisha Mrotek, Caroline Caldwell, and Drew Leshko!

In addition to the MASSIVE art exhibition, Truth To Power will also host over 25 hours of panel discussions and intimate conversations with compelling and talented artists, effective youth activists, community leaders, young elected officials, journalists, actors and actresses, spoken word poets, and theater and dance performers… More on that schedule will be available very soon here!

And I’ll be back later this week with even more updates and behind-the-scenes photos, but be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to get live updates!

UPDATE: Install Day 2!



You read that right… SURPRISE: Banksy will have a piece in the exhibition!

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes photos, and be sure to check out Truth To Power’s website HERE for more information!

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