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Streets Dept Walls: Flower Show 2022 (Exhibition Archive)

July 12, 2022

For the second year in a row, Streets Dept Walls curated an exhibition for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia Flower Show! Streets Dept Walls is an experimental public arts initiative that works with emerging Philly-based artists to design and create inspired artworks around Philadelphia. Founded by me, curator and Editor of, Conrad Benner. 

For this year’s collaboration with the Flower Show, we worked with two local artists to create two of their most ambitious projects to-date. Cindy Lozito, who’s painted her very first mural with assistance by Sammy Kovnat. And Nicole Nikolich (AKA Lace In The Moon), who’s created her largest artwork and first sculptural installation with assistance by Frank Chappell III.

Here’s more about their artworks:

From The City Cracks by Nicole Nikolich, AKA Lace In The Moon

Materials: Crochet yarn, welded steel wire, wood 

Assisted by: Frank Chappell III 

Artist Statement: “Inspired by weeds and flowers that persevere in unexpected places, From The City Cracks is a visual reminder to look for beauty nestled in the mundane and the power of perseverance in unusual circumstances. This piece is a nod to Lace In The Moon’s beginnings as a street artist. The work also serves as a love note to Philadelphia’s street art community–to those who have come out of the literal woodworks to make space for themselves. Through extreme scale, these flowers represent how the smallest of change or act of courage can compile into greatness. From The City Cracks is Lace In The Moon’s first sculptural installation and largest work to-date.”

Celebrating Growth by Cindy Lozito

Materials: Acrylic latex paint, plywood 

Assisted by: Sammy Kovnat 

Artist Statement: “Who gets access to green spaces in a city? My mural imagines South Philadelphia residents gathering and cultivating a greener environment together, for one another. Since moving to South Philly, I’ve relished seeing every pocket park, community garden, and flower box; I’m inspired by how residents find a way to make space for greenery even in a densely urban environment. We are so much more vibrant as a group when we work together and invite others to beautify our city as a collective. My mural’s characters invite you, the viewer, to come join them in celebrating growth, nature, and the joy of witnessing a lush landscape.”

See Streets Dept Walls 2021 exhibition at the Flower Show here! And be sure you’re following the Streets Dept Walls Instagram account for regular updates on our various projects.

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