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Celebrating “Mural Magic” At the 2023 Flower Show

March 7, 2023

For the last three years, Streets Dept Walls has been excited to curate projects for the Philadelphia Flower Show. And this year, we created a project with Mural Arts Philadelphia to celebrate the work of four incredible Philly-based muralists: Donna Grace Kroh, Michele Scott, irregular, and Wet!

Did you know that Philadelphia is “The Mural Capital of The World?” With our Mural Magic exhibition at the 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show, we’re celebrating something that makes Philly so magical–our murals! Featuring four new floral-themed mural artworks by four Philly-based artists: Donna Grace Kroh, Michele Scott, irregular, and Wet! The project was curated by Streets Dept Walls and Founder, Conrad Benner, and funded by Mural Arts Philadelphia.

See more about the mural and each artist below!

Donna Grace Kroh

Donna Grace Kroh is a Philly-based portrait artist and muralist. In her work she focuses on bringing out the emotions of the subject to pull the viewer into the canvas.

Michele Scott

“Hello! I am Michele Scott. It’s pronounced me-kel-aye (or at least that’s how my elementary school teachers started pronouncing my name when my family and I moved here), and not to be confused with the popular Office character, Michael Scott. I am an illustrator, animator, and collector of mugs. I work digitally and physically often using pen and marker, paint, and recently oil pastel. I have many personal ongoing projects, but I also do a lot of freelance work for musicians, breweries, cideries, etc. No matter the type of work I always aim to bring a moment of happiness, love and humor into people’s lives as we drudge and skulk around this earth. Through bright colors, funny characters, and the rule that anything can have a face, arms and legs, I hope to achieve an almost therapeutic feel of joy and silliness through my work for myself and everybody who sees it.”


irregular is a Philly-based artist whose showcased his artworks at Rittenhouse Square since 2014. Hand cut mirror has become the infinite medium that opens the window of self reflection in each piece made. With well over a thousand pieces shared to strangers and collectors alike, the journey only continues going against the grain of normalcy.


Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Wet was introduced early into the arts. Throughout grade school the images would fill his composition books and textbooks. He wasn’t painting then, but the images were building up. In middle school he released a zine of images that he created in his notebook. The images were a little sinister and was actually banned from the school and he was almost expelled for distributing out copies for free to the entire school. The zine was filled with early work of the same extreme images he uses today in his paintings. The art has images of pain, chaos, and mayhem while at the same time using colors that give a feeling of serenity and bliss. Take a look at the works and let them guide you through a journey of emotion and Life. Where’s The Water.

This has been such an amazing project! And each artist created such brilliant work!

So honored to have curated for the Flower Show for a third year in a row. Please click the following years to see previous Streets Dept Walls curatorial projects at the Philadelphia Flower Show: 2022, 2021!

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