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Philly Mural Legend, Meg Saligman Finishes “Bird Feed 2023” Mural Ahead of The Big Game (GO BIRDS!)

February 12, 2023

(Photos above by Conrad Benner; Photos below by Streets Dept Contributor, Eric Dale)

In 2018, Philly mural legend, Meg Saligman had a premonition that she put in to the form of a mural. That ultimately correct vision, was of the Philadelphia Eagles beating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to claim our city’s first ever Super Bowl title! And being the superstitious lifelong Eagles fan that she is, she knew she had to recreate the magic for our 2023 return to the Big Game against the Kanas City Chiefs.

This 2023 mural is titled (perfectly), Bird Feed 2023, and can be found at 5th and South Streets!

“My best projects start from a place of love, and I truly love the Eagles,” Meg said in a press release sent to us earlier this week. “I created a mural before the Super Bowl in 2018, so I’m wearing my good luck pajamas and creating a new mural to do our part to clinch this win. Philadelphia is the mural capital of the world, so we should definitely show the world our dedication on a large wall. It’s a Philly thing!”

See pervious work by Meg Saligman around Philly here; and listen to a special podcast interview between Streets Dept’s Founder/Editor Conrad Benner and Meg Saligman about how she got her legendary mural career started on Mural Arts’ Art Ignites Change Podcast here!

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  1. February 12, 2023 6:00 pm

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