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Welcome to Art at Mission​, a new arts project that’s transforming Mission Taqueria’s courtyard into a rotating outdoor arts space. Curated by’s founder Conrad Benner, we aim to use the space to highlight the work of artists that create in the public space! Exhibitions rotate quarterly.

For Art at Mission’s Summer 2019 exhibition, we are thrilled to present Horses in the Sky by Philly-based artist Karina Puente! What would it feel like to let our dreams run like wild horses? Horses in the Sky is an exhibition and rallying call to find freedom – unbridled satisfaction – in the works and experiences we create.

Karina’s #ArtAtMission exhibition is anchored in the traditional Mexican folk art called Papel Picado. Karina contemporizes the tradition in her use of scale and how her work shared. She makes it using knives, pigment, and the wind. This exhibition is Karina’s invitation for you to celebrate yourself. Enjoy a delicious bite, take photos with vibrant art, and revel in the moment new ideas are sparked by Horses in the Sky.

Artist Statement
“T(Here) In Spirit: My name is Karina Puente and I’m a visual artist specializing in a light touch; art that is rooted in the traditional Mexican folk art called Papel Picado. Cutting into, out of, and through material is my way of writing and transforming heritage into a sensory, joyful experience. Celebration and ceremony are part of everything I do because it keeps me connected to spirit. To the part of myself – ourselves – with overview. To the continuous stream of support and inspiration within. We feel it when we are lit up. I make art to make that feeling tangible. Then I multiply it, make a movement with it, collaborate, and forge a new path with it.”

Horses in the Sky by Karina Puente is on view now through August 31; you can check out the exhibition any day and time that Mission Taqueria is open, and you can view their hours here.

————– EVENTS ————–
Exhibition Opening: Tuesday, June 11 from 5:30-7:30pm (Click here for more info!)
Artist Talk: To be determined!

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