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‘Stop Rape’ in South Philly

June 10, 2013


Was driving around South Philly a lot over the weekend, and I couldn’t help but notice that nearly every stop sign had a sticker on it, like the photo above, making the sign read: “Stop Rape.”

I’ve seen this at least once before in another neighborhood, and I wanted to Instagram it at the time, because I think the message is important and I think it’s an interesting way to get it out there, but I was in a car and it proved impossible. Nevertheless, it was seriously on almost every corner in South Philly.

I wonder if this is part of some larger campaign, or just the work of a single individual? Either way, I like it.

UPDATE: Seems these stickers are the work of Pussy Division, “a group of Philadelphia feminist activists that are speaking out. Through guerilla activism and online outreach, we want to promote awareness and generate discussions around issues related to oppression and inequality.”

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