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Philly Now Has A Newspaper Exclusively for Men in the #MeToo Era

April 10, 2018

It’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week, and Philly-based feminist street art collective Pussy Division are raising awareness of street harassment here in Philadelphia by creating and distributing a brand-new newspaper, The Philadelphia Man.

The newspaper includes articles on street harassment (of course,) including one titled What Men Can Do To Stop Street Harassment, as well as a few satirical comics, horoscopes, and even an obituaries section featuring the many men whose careers have “died” due to the sexual assault/ violence/ harassment they’ve committed coming to light in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

2018 marks the 3rd consecutive year that Pussy Division have created installations around Philadelphia for Anti-Street Harassment Week, after 2017’s crime scene tape and 2016’s wire flower weaving installations. Pussy Division, who describe themselves as “an intersectional group of Philadelphia feminist activists that are speaking out through guerrilla activism and online outreach to promote awareness and generate discussions around issues related to oppression and inequality,” began their work in the summer of 2013 with those Stop Rape stickers that you can still see around town nearly five years later. In subsequent months and years, the group moved on to install anti-street harassment stencils, a wheatpaste series confronting trans harassment, No Catcalling Anytime street signs, and a Dear Friend/Survivor wheatpaste series that reached out to women and marginalized groups after the election of Donald Trump.

Pussy Division texted me the locations of their latest newspaper installations as they were installing them last night and followed up with the following comment today: “It’s international anti-street harassment week and this project is our annual contribution to addressing this issue. Our focus is often publicly supporting those who have been assaulted, harassed, or otherwise oppressed in the community, but we decided to take a different approach with this campaign. We wanted to gear this year’s project towards asking the cis men out there to do some educational work. The Philadelphia Man is a limited-edition newspaper and a guide for cis men to get started on their own education without relying on the emotional labor of others.”

You can pick up a copy of Pussy Division’s latest project now at any one of five The Philadelphia Man newspaper boxes installed around the city: 18th and Walnut streets (in Rittenhouse,) 2nd and Market streets (in Old City,) 9th street and Washington avenue (on the Italian Market,) 39th and Walnut streets (in University City,) and Girard avenue and Leopard street (in Fishtown.)

The boxes will remain on the streets as long as The City and individuals don’t remove them, and they’ll be refilled by Pussy Division until all 5,000 copies that they’ve printed of the newspaper’s first volume are gone. When asked about refilling these boxes later on with a second volume, Pussy Division responded, “We have decided to let this project grow organically. If there’s a lot of positive responses, we may continue to publish new additions or use the boxes we created for something else.”

Last but not least, the group funded this rather costly project out of their own pockets, so if you like what Pussy Division is doing and want to show them your support, they’ve told me that any/all can Paypal them using “”

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